Sloane House Media 2022

 This ongoing passion project occupies the
black & white space between post-mortem
branding and nostalgic tribute.

Sloane location in mid-town Manhattan

From above

2022 Reunion invitation

Book jacket design

Title page design (above)
Panels for Sloane story boards

Sloane Rangers
CBGB's show flyer

NYC subway car circa 1986

Typical Sloane room before student customization.

Sloane hallways

DINER at the corner of 33rd & 9th - viewed from Sloane

Typical New Yorker:  sweaty and pissed-off.

“On my first weekend in NYC my education officially began during the Death-Race of 9th Avenue: Yellow taxi’s were doing 60 mph as they sped downtown. I hailed one, climbed in quickly and rocketed downtown getting tossed all around the back seat as the cabbie wove his way through traffic. Seatbelts? Why even bother?
I quickly understood that EVERYTHING in NYC
was going 60 MPH."