15 FLOORS   |   4 ART SCHOOLS   |   1 TRIBE

Sloane Media is a decade-long passion project that focuses on the intersection of branding, identity, and nostalgic tribute. It pays homage to the vibrant art school residence, Sloane House located in mid-town Manhattan during the 1980s.
Sloane provided housing to more than 600 art students each year, representing four different New York City art schools. The Sloane alumni network remains active, organizing reunions, producing merchandise, and facilitating networking opportunities for artists and designers of all disciplines.

From above

Sloane location in mid-town Manhattan

2022 Reunion promotion

Sloane Rangers
CBGB's show flyer

NYC subway car circa 1986

Typical Sloane 7x10 room before student customization

Sloane hallways

DINER at the corner of 33rd & 9th
viewed from Sloane

Typical New Yorker:  sweaty and pissed-off.

“We’re living down the street from the Empire State Building? The combo of freedom and decay in Sloane suited me quite well. It felt a lot like Boston on steroids but with a New York accent. It was crusty and old but seemed new to me. Thanks to the narrow hallways it was like a giant party ship with hundreds of young passengers, where the rules of high school and ‘80s conservative hometown norms were tossed overboard the minute the elevator doors opened.”
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